Wanted: Ambassadors For Good Design

Most designers agree the world would be a better place if more people understood good design. But since designers are always in the minority, outnumbered by managers, marketers, programmers and more, who is going to show them the way? Enter the design ambassador.

Design ambassadors already exist, they just don’t go by that name. They’re the ones who know how to translate design concepts, and the value of good design, into language others understand. They’re comfortable talking to executives or project managers, confidently making business cases for design resources. They’re patient in teaching, for the 50th time, the same basic ideas and concepts to new clients or coworkers.

They do this because they know no one else but designers can or will do this. If we want a better-designed world, or organization or product, it will only come from designers gaining power or the ability to influence it. Design ambassadors know from human nature the challenge isn’t about more design knowledge: it’s about persuasion, teaching, coaching and inspiring others to think differently.

My mission is to help find design ambassadors and coach new ones. I wrote an upcoming book to pave some of the way for us all.

Will you help?

  • Are you a design ambassador? Will you share what you know with me?
  • Do you know a great design ambassador I should talk to?
  • Do you want to become a better ambassador for design?
  • Would you help me organize, or create, resources design ambassadors need?

Leave a comment or get in touch. Thanks.

Bestselling Author of The Myths of Innovation, Making things Happen, Confessions of a Public Speaker and other fine books

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