A parallel thread is how many cars now don’t use ignition keys. They use a FOB and a big fat start button. In this case they were very willing to skip past the legacy design and adopt a new one. It’d be worth examining why in one case they jumped past the past, and in the other they felt they had to stay tied to an old concept.

Generally automobile interiors have a poor track record for interaction design. Even in generally well designed cars, the radio/air-conditioning/defrost control panels are terrible (hard to learn, hard to reuse, easy to make errors). These features are not generally a differentiating factor for why people buy a specific car, so there’s little pressure to do these well. Stickshifts it seems fall into this gap too.

Also related: Set Phasers On Stun: True Tales of Design, Technology, and Human Error https://www.amazon.com/Set-Phasers-Stun-Design-Technology/dp/0963617885

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